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Green Graphics

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PampersMarketing managers in today's eco-friendly environment are making personal choices, supported by their companies, to incorporate green graphics whenever possible for their events. With more suppliers providing green products, including green printing, to create green graphics, the availability of such resources has increased and the costs are lower.

Moose Displays and Logistics is your headquarters for environmentally friendly green graphics and green printing!

Green graphics and green printing must meet at least one of several established criteria to be considered "green." The main criteria are the use of recycled or recyclable products as well as the reduction of the carbon footprint in both the production and transportation of goods.

Green graphics start with the substrate. Whenever possible, Moose Displays and Logistics employs fabric as the substrate of choice for green graphics. Depending on the application, we use recycled fabric made from between 60% and 100% recycled materials. Not only are the materials for our green graphics recycled, but the recycling process also has a smaller carbon footprint, conserving approximately 61,000 BTU (British thermal units) for every pound of yarn. This translates into one half gallon of gasoline saved per pound!

BBKThe great news is that the optimum process for transferring an image onto fabric is dye sublimation. In the green printing process, dye sublimation does not use solvent-based inks and can be considered environmentally friendly.

Lastly, green graphics using recycled fabrics and green printing use less energy to produce, look great, last considerably longer, and produce less of a carbon foot print to transport. It's a win-win situation!

Additionally, marketing managers are also seeking rental systems for many of the elements used in the design of their green trade show displays. In today's market, many rental displays do not look like they have been used before because they incorporate many custom elements in common laminates and color schemes, which allow them to be used repeatedly.

Trade Show display rental properties can also be considered environmentally friendly, or a "green display," because the use of rental property maximizes the use of these specific elements rather than being discarded after limited use. The rental of many common structural elements and counters can reduce the carbon footprint in both the manufacture of these goods as well as the transportation. Rent the structure and produce green graphics—a perfect combination with a lower carrying cost. Did I already use the term win-win? Well, here it is again!

Green is good. More green is better… but "making green" while being green is BEST!

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For more information about our rental program, click here.

Call Moose Displays and Logistics today to see how we can assist you in making sure all of your display properties and graphics are environmentally friendly.

Click here to contact us for more information about green graphics, green printing, or a green printer. Mother Nature thanks you.

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