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Green Displays

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Duffle DisplayIn today's eco-friendly business world, marketing managers want green exhibits at marketing events. Green displays must meet at least one of the following criteria to be categorized as green exhibits.

The Duffle Display is a truly green display offered exclusively by Moose Displays and Logistics. The Duffle Display meets all of the above referenced criteria for green exhibits and green displays.

Duffle Display SolutionsThe Duffle Display is made from fabric made that is no less than 60% recycled goods. In most cases, these green graphics are made from 100% recycled goods. The fabrics used in our green display can match PMS colors as well as meet the California fire retardancy certification requirements, considered the most stringent in the United States.

The Duffle Display frame is made from a combination of recycled and recyclable aluminum.

Finally, the Duffle Display is specifically designed to qualify as checked baggage on all major airlines. This feature totally eliminates the carbon footprint required by using alternative shipping methods necessary for other supposed green exhibits or green displays.

For larger displays, also consider our green initiative for charter freight. Learn how you can help reduce the carbon footprint required to transport your display properties by shipping your display on the same truck as others going to the same destination.

Duffle DisplaysDo you need an island display?

For larger green displays, Moose Logistics also offers custom designs using lightweight fabric and aluminum designs that exceed the criteria for green exhibits. A 20' x 20' display, including crate, will weigh far less than conventional displays. Recycled fabric, recyclable aluminum, and the reduced carbon footprint all contribute to making even large displays environmentally friendly.

Learn more information about our island displays.

Moose Displays and Logistics also offers display rentals.

Rental units can be considered green displays because renting a display allows properties to be used more than once before being discarded. This feature, combined with the application of green graphics, makes a Moose Displays and Logistics rental the perfect cost-saving solution to provide you with a green exhibit.

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