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QuoteAn additional 37% of visitors to a trade event believed 'experiencing a business first-hand makes it more memorable', with one in five believing this implicitly post-event.Quote
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Creative/Design Services

Exhibit Design, Trade Show Booth Design, Trade Show Graphic, Trade Show Exhibit Design, Atlanta, GA

Creative ServicesMoose Logistics has a variety of Industrial designers, branding specialists and graphic designers to assure your new display has the 'WOW' factor required among your competition.

Our designers will work with you to establish the design that is the most functional for your companies marketing needs. This interview process is critical in determining the right look, feel and functionality necessary.

Moose Logistics, Inc., creative team specializes in corporate marketing. Many trade show exhibit design companies overlook the importance of the creative process and provide design of trade show graphics as a secondary service.

Moose Logistics feels the message of any corporation's trade show graphics is the backbone of their image and their trade show booth design should compliment their defining message. We offer specialized structural exhibit design services. We help our clients create a uniform look and feel throughout their trade show marketing program. The "trade show display" becomes the center-piece, or "crown jewel" of their overall marketing program.

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We also offer additional creative services to complement the trade show exhibit design, such as print advertising design, brochures, and web site design, all which help round out an effective marketing program that is both visually appealing and effective.

We are a team of talented designers who continually strive for creative excellence, offering the best in design and concept tailor…made to the needs of our clients.

With a deep understanding for design far beyond the conventional and rudimentary, we strive to elevate the meaning of creativity. Our Collective experience in design spans nealry three decades and evloves with every idea, every concept, and every project.

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The most important part of any marketing campaign is the creative thought process that goes into planning every aspect of the campaign. While the artistic side of performing creative design is often considered the most important part, many companies overlook the analytical process that goes into arriving at an effective creative concept.

While any person with working knowledge of a MAC can claim to be a designer, it's the creative people who study and understand the ever-changing trends and challenges of marketing. Their people are the ones who can be considered masters of their trade.

This skill is not gained overnight. A simple analogy can be used when choosing a creative firm. Do you want fast-food or do you want fine dining? Fast-food style design trade show exhibit design companies use a uniform idea repeated over and again, void of originality. Fine dining addresses your tastes and is then made-to-order. Think about this analogy. If you feel your company's marketing campaign is worthy of the fine dining experience, please continue reading.

Another simple analogy can be used when choosing a creative designer.


Anyone can roll and shape clay, but, only a true sculptor can bring these shapes to life beyond the abstract. The creative process is a series of related procedures. Initially, the foundation for any creative process needs to be laid out. That foundation is based on the following question: What are you trying to accomplish?

Once your goals have been determined, the creative team is then challenged to conceptualize and research the concept. It then moves to computer design, proofing, and finally production of the final product. To be done correctly, each step must be carefully reviewed to assure the first objective is being targeted. Sometimes, it takes days to come up with the right approach. Once the client approves of the initial look, hours of research begins to gather and study the work to find the perfect visuals.

With a direction chosen and the images filed, the creative team begins to build the look of your campaign. Like the sculptor, it takes time and patience to get it just right.

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