Duffle Display, Duffel Display, Portable Trade Show Displays, Popup Booths, Big Fabric Graphic
QuoteBefore a show, 32% of visitors viewed events as the 'best marketing as you can interact and compare to others', but this rose dramatically to 74% post-show, including an uplift in positive sub-conscious feelings for one in five people.Quote
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The Duffle Display

Duffle Display, Duffel Display, Portable Trade Show Displays, Popup Booths, Big Fabric Graphic

The Original Display in a Duffle, PATENT PENDING.

A complete 10' x 10' Trade Show Exhibit in a 30" Duffle Bag! Don't blow your trade show budget! Eliminate 100% of your shipping and Drayage costs with the Duffle Display.


The Duffle Display Package

Duffle DisplayBack wall, frame, (2) 200 watt halogen lights, Dye Sublimated, digital table banner, 8 pocket literature stand.

Dye Sublimated fabric back wall, up to 200 dpi actual, with liner that is durable, machine washable, and virtually indestructible. Uses Pipe and Drape as frame.

Our patent pending Duffle Display is the first portable trade show display specifically designed to check as baggage on major airlines!

Visit www.DuffleDisplay.com for more Duffle Display information.


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Frequently asked questions about pop-up displays

Q: Why is there such a price difference in popup booths? They all look the same to me.

A: There are a several factors that contribute to the price difference in popup booths. Popup booth frames are built in different ways. Some are designed for durability and others for their economical value. Usually, the quality of the materials used in construction causes the price variance. When shopping for a popup booth, specifically focus on moving parts and the material used. Moving parts are the backbone of the trade show display you choose. Plastic parts fail quicker than metal. The grade of material used in the frame itself is also important. Thin-walled aluminum, while contributing to a lesser priced trade show display, also has a higher failure rate. For your benefit, Moose Logistics offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on our portable trade show displays.

Q: What should I look for in a pop-up display price quote?

A: Request the bottom line price from vendors. Exhibitor needs vary for display units. Some exhibitors want a full photo mural, while others like the message versatility that standard fabric panels provide. Some pop-up display vendor pricing starts with basic units and options are added at an extra charge. Other vendors have packages that allow you to upgrade for quality purposes. Decide your needs then find the best price for the trade show display that fulfills those needs. Don't be surprised after the fact by added charges like set-up costs, quality upgrades, and shipping. Get the bottom line price before you commit to buy a pop-up display.

Q: What is the best way to select a pop-up display?

A: First, determine your needs. Also make sure you speak with a person qualified to help you discover what properly meets your needs. Don't be afraid to ask for credentials. One of the best credentials is on-site experience at trade shows or exhibitor events.

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Frequently asked questions about pop-up displays

Q: How many shows do we plan to attend yearly? How many different company representatives will be responsible for using the display?

A: The more events you attend, as well as the more people that will handle your portable trade show display, the more your purchase will be exposed to wear and tear.

Q: What are the different types of pop-up displays?

A: There are two basic categories of pop-up displays. There is an economy class of portable trade show, show displays designed for limited use by an individual or small group. Economy trade show displays are designed for limited use. Economy displays are often manufactured in the Orient. Many economy products should be considered "disposable" because they are not easy to repair. Another consideration involved with the purchase of an economy pop-up display is durability. In order for the seller to keep the price down, less material is used in the frame to build economy displays. Economy displays are usually also offered with economical graphics. These are usually an ink-jet printing on paper or an equivalent material. Again, these graphics are designed for limited use. Moose Logistics has a client who attends one trade show a year. An economy display is perfect for their needs. The second type of pop-up display is one which we classify as a Durable unit, such as the commonly used Nomadic Display. These displays are designed for reuse. They can be passed along to different trade show marketing teams. They are easy to use and can endure the wear and tear of repetitive handling. The graphics with Durable displays are usually higher-end because they are intended for use at multiple shows. Generally, a plastic of PVC substrate is used for to promote durability.


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Consider the following before shopping for your trade show display

Q: How many shows/events will your organization attend? How important is durability for repetitive us of your portable trade show display? Will the messages at these events stay the same, partly change, or change altogether? How do I choose a quality graphic panel?

A: Ink! UV-rated inks last longer and tend not to fade as easily. The best examples are bumper stickers on cars. We've all seen them. Some are newer and faded, while other, sometimes older bumper stickers, like for presidential candidates, resist fading. They resist fading because the printer used UV-rated inks. Also, since the sticker is still on the car, the printer probably used a quality substrate, or material on which they are printed as well.

In today's marketplace, graphic pricing is competitive. This competition benefits the buyer. Light jet, Lambda, or even a new emerging process that prints direct to the substrate, are all recommended for durability.

While the printing process is important, the substrate is equally important. For graphics with photographic images, Moose Logistics prefers the Lambda process. For Vector works, or largely computer produced graphics, Moose Logistics believes the new direct printing processes are promising.

Q: What is special about the Duffle Display?

A: Many people believe the portable tradeshow display purchase will be the majority of their trade show marketing investment. At Moose Logistics we ask prospects this question. Although you can afford a trade show display purchase, can you afford to own one? Most 10-foot pop-up displays weigh 80-90 pounds before promotional material or literature is added to the carrying cases. When exhibitors add the cost of freight to and from an event to the cost of material handling fees assessed by the general contractor of a show, the resulting extra charges average US$700.00-US$900.00 per event. These fees often exceed the cost of the display in as few as three trade shows. The Duffle Display was designed to give exhibitors with smaller budgets a competitive edge on the trade show floor.

The Duffle Display kit provides the most common items used by exhibitors in a 10-foot display area. The Duffle Display includes the back wall, lights, table banner, and 8-pocket literature stand, all for one low price. Best of all, you can check it as baggage on an airplane and roll it right to your booth space! With a Duffle Display, you never have to pay shipping or drayage charges.

Since the Duffle Display is designed to use the Pipe and Drape supplied by the show, there is no need to ship hardware. Our use of Dye Sublimation on wrinkle-resistant fabric provides a graphic that is less fragile and can be shipped in a soft sided duffle with a retractable handle.

Q: What is Dye Sublimation?

A: In dye-sublimation printing, colors are not laid down as individual dots, as is done by ink-jet printers. Individual dots can be distinguished at a close distance, making digital pictures look less realistic. If you looked inside a dye-sublimation printer, you would see a long roll of transparent film that resembles sheets of red, blue, yellow, and gray colored cellophane stuck together end to end. Embedded in this film are solid dyes similar to the four basic colors used in printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, commonly referred to as CMYK. The print head heats up as it passes over the film, causing the dyes to vaporize and permeate the surface of the fabric before they return to solid form.

The main difference between this and other types of printing involves heat. The vaporized colors permeate the surface of the fabric, creating a gentle gradation at the edges of each pixel, instead of the obvious border between dye and paper produced by inkjets. Because the color imbues the paper, it is also less vulnerable to fading and distortion.


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The Duffle Display Package

Duffle Display"Bringing a new product into the market place is always a challenge. However, if you can make a great "Visual" first impression you've got momentum on your side. The rest is up to you.

Duffle Display's products help our company make that first impression a memorable one. Their professional team not only listened but also understood our design needs. They were able to take our ideas and move them to canvas. Something many other portable trade show display companies struggle with.

Assembly of the booth was so easy I thought I missed something. Now, when traveling to shows I only take one small duffle bag eliminating all the heavy and bulky supports. What a relief!

For the professional, Duffle Display is a dream come true. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them for my next project."


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