Upright/Tanfield Group Case Study Atlanta, Georgia
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Case Study: Upright/Tanfield Group

Upright/Tanfield Group Case Study Atlanta, Georgia

Client: Upright / Tanfield Group
Site: www.tanfieldgroup.com
Show: Cable Tec 2005, San Antonio, TX
Space: 20 x 30

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Case Study: Upright/Tanfield GroupGeneral Rental information::

Freight, Installation & Dismantle, Supervision, Arrange and provide show services

The goal was to provide a rental exhibition stand that did not look like a rental.

My initial contact was from the Main Event Company in Savannah, Georgia. They contacted Moose Displays & Logistics on behalf of the Tanifeld group in England. The client wanted to a 20 x 20 exhibition stand rental with two main areas of focus: lift and display a 2007 Mustang Shelby and place their message high enough for maximum visibility.

Case Study: Upright/Tanfield GroupThe Mustang Shelby was to be one of two cars that were to be given away at this event and was to be the focal point of exhibition stand itself. In an effort to maximize the visibility, we chose to place the exhibition display stand at the maximum allowable height of 20 feet.

One challenge was to decipher the floor plan for the show and determine the flow of traffic in the show hall. During our review of the area, we determined that due to the extremely large displays between our display and the entrance, there was no direct way to move from the entrance of the hall to our client's display. Upon further review, we assessed that attendees would make their way to the main aisle; therefore, we should position the exhibition display stand to maximize visibility.

In order to accomplish this without additional engineering costs, we chose to design using exhibition truss. Furthermore, we chose a triangular shape in order to position the message at a 45 degree angle down the main aisle of the show to maximize the visibility.

To properly present the 2007 Mustang Shelby, we chose to use a sidewinder ramp system. To cover the raw metal of this industrial piece of equipment, we created custom skirting to enclose the entire area under the vehicle for additional storage. We found a professional lighting crew to illuminate the vehicle using metal halide lights. These were mounted behind the graphics and were not visible to the attendees of the show.

Finally, we selected a custom reception counter with personalized graphics to greet attendees. Additionally, we provided two smaller storage counters with keyboard trays so sales people could make individual presentations to potential clients.


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