Tru Tungsten Case Study
QuoteAfter experiencing a brand at a trade event, 28% more visitors indicated 'I would like to buy it' (16% implicitly), with 29% at a consumer event (19% implicitly).Quote
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Case Study: Tru Tungsten

Tru Tungsten Case Study

Client: Tru Tungsten
Headquarters: Atlanta, LA
Show: iCast 2007, Las Vegas, NV
Space: 20x30

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Exhibit Truss Display:
Case Study: Tru TungstenTru-Tungsten has taken advantage of the opportunities afforded to them to maintain a major presence at their marketing events.

Their sister company, PIC Energy, maintains a significant inventory of exhibit truss for use during their annual trade show, PowerGen International, each December. By utilizing these components, they are able to cost-effectively design a skeletal structure to their display on which they can apply graphics. Had they not had this windfall, they could have rented the exhibit truss from Moose Displays and Logistics.

Case Study: Tru TungstenAt iCast 2007, we once again have encountered an emerging trend in height restrictions for trade show displays.  Many associations are allowing a maximum height of 20 feet, which may or may not include a hanging sign.  In the case of Tru Tungsten, their existing design stood at 16 feet.  The implementation of a hanging sign may not have been as effective as in other events that allow for a 16 foot trade show display build from the floor up and a hanging sign suspended as high as 24’ at the top. 

As the exhibit truss provided for this display matches the exhibit truss in the Moose Displays & Logistics trade show display rental inventory, we were able to lift the 16 foot structure to the 20 foot maximum allowable height with minimal cost.   This dramatically increased the visibility of their trade show display at this event.


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“Joel the booth looked great. The increased height allowed us to be noticed from a greater distance out on the floor. Thanks for everything.”
- Dan Vesuvio, Tru Tungsten


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