Rat-L-Trap/Biosonix Case Study, Atlanta, Georgia
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Case Study: Rat-L-Trap/Biosonix

Rat-L-Trap/Biosonix Case Study, Atlanta, Georgia

Client: Bill Lewis Lures (Rat-L-Trap / Biosonix)
Headquarters: Alexandria, LA
Show: iCast 2007, Las Vegas, NV
Space: 20x50

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Trade Show Display Challenge:
Case Study: Rat-L-Trap/BiosonixIn 2006, Bill Lewis Lures approached Moose Displays and Logistics to build a Custom Trade Show Display in the form of deck structure resembling a Louisiana swamp to showcase both their new and existing products. At the 2007 BASSMaster Classic in Birmingham, Alabama, we were asked to enhance their presence at this event in addition to reconfiguring the display to work in their exhibit space. To do so, we created signs for use on trade show exhibit truss that could also be used at smaller, more localized events.

Case Study: Rat-L-Trap/BiosonixAs iCast 2007 approached, we met with Bill Lewis Lures to discuss the pros and cons of the previous floor plans. Since Bill Lewis Lures manufactures both the Rat-L-Trap brands and Biosonix Fish Activator, they showcase two different companies in the same exhibit space. One of our major design considerations was the graphic images of anglers sponsored by each of these companies that needed to clearly remain associated with each brand. In 2006, while sharing the same space, the display was laid out so the displays were built back-to-back, effectively separating them from each other.

The 2007 the exhibit space was 20 x 50, a full 10 feet larger than 2006. After many "pencil CAD" layouts, we determined that while each product line was its own entity, the design could indeed layout the trade show exhibit as shared space. Moose Displays & Logistics was given a firm, fixed budget that required effective planning to maximize the functionality of their trade show display. This was accomplished, partially, through the incorporation of large format graphics and trade show display rental properties.

Case Study: Rat-L-Trap/BiosonixThe final design for this display was a combination of existing properties as well as new design elements and graphics, including a hanging sign and trade show display rental properties. Using existing carpet, showcases, and the custom deck structure, we were able to add design elements such as a wall panels with full size graphics, a showcase for the Biosonix Fish Activator, and a small semi-private conference room to conduct business.

Since Rat-L-Trap and Biosonix are both recognized brand names, we felt the need to use the maximum allowable height in the trade show display area to extend the visual branding of Bill Lewis Lures across the trade show floor. To further enhance this presence, a video was created and a 5,000 lumen projector was suspended from the hanging truss to play this video at the maximum allowable height. A variance request was submitted to The American Sport fishing Association (ASA), and approved to top the truss structure at 30 feet to allow the video to be seen from most of the trade show floor.

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Marc, Wade, and Joel,

You were all instrumental in making Icast '07 the most successful Icast that we've had since Ken or I have been with BIosonix and Rat-l-Trap. Marc, your creative solutions and overall management allowed us to work within in a tight budget and still stand out amongst the corporate giants we compete against. Wade, your knowledge on the floor allowed for us to set up the display in a quick and efficient manner. Last but certainly not least, Joel, your availability throughout the show was clutch to make sure everything ran smooth even when we ran into glitches. Best of all, Moose Logistics worked closely with our staff to pull this off under critical time constraints. Moose Logistics was excellent with regards to service, timeliness, creative solutions, value, and experience, and that's why Rat-L-Trap and Biosonix are very happy customers of Moose Logistics.

Wes Higgins, Director of PR and Advertising
Bill Lewis , Lures/Biosonix Systems


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