Playtex Case Study, 10 x40 display rental
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Case Study: Playtex

Playtex Case Study, 10 x40 display rental

Client: Playtex
Contact: Mary Anne Gentry
Show: Consumer Events
Space: 10x40

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Trade Show Display Challenge:
Case Study: PlaytexPlaytex approached Moose Displays and Logistics to assist them in creating a display that could serve several consumer events, have an extended shelf life, and brand their company and products.

Having attended some of the same events, Moose Displays & Logistics personnel knew first-hand the wear and tear their existing display was experiencing. We know that the average display lasts for 12-15 events before needing graphics replaced or other refurbishments.

After introducing Playtex to the Duffle Display, we determined that this was the right in-line display for their event schedule. In this case a 10 x 40 display fits into a single 30 inch duffle bag and travels easily with their event staff. This has also reduced their shipping costs significantly.

Case Study: PlaytexAdditionally, the dye sublimated graphics have not experienced any fading and are periodically sent to the dry cleaners for laundering.

Finally, the 10 x 40 display can be installed using on site pipe and drape in about 20 minutes.

As of this writing, the 10 x 40 in-line display has been used at approximately 25 events and incurred no repair or refurbishment costs.


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The duffle displays are great. They are quick and easy to set up and look awesome!

Maryann Gentry
Sr. Account Manager
National Accounts
Playtex Products, Inc.

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